Club equipment

Our paying members can borrow all equipment for free.

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2 x Trainer kites

We have a 1.8m^2 and a 2.5m^2 trainer kite that our members can borrow. These small kites are designed for complete beginners to get a safe first experience of kiting before taking a kite course. If you spend a couple of days using these kites, you will get much more out of your first kite lesson.

2 x Foilboards

We have two foilboards for our members to use for free. Our foilboards are designed for beginners and makes learning to foil as easy as possible. Contact us on Facebook if you would like to try out this exciting new kite discipline.

4 x SUPs

We have 4 SUPs that members can use for free on windless days. Contact us on Facebook too book them.


This is the Process 139*42,5 TwinTip board from Eleveight. It's a allrounder board, that are very comfortable and good in chops. With forgiving landing and great pop. Members can borrow this board for free.

2 x Kite Surf Boards

Ever wanted to try a directional board? You can now borrow this kite specific surfboard for free.


Borrow our wake skate and learn some new tricks.