We are your voice

Stavanger kiteklubb board regularly engage in meetings, negotiations and collaborative work with many of the local authorities. Our goal is to ensure that the voice of our members is heard and our interests are considered; spot access, clean beaches, parking, facilities etc. Below is a list of the authorities we have been working with. If you have concerns that you would like us to address with an official body, please contact us on Facebook.

If you are not a member, you can join here:

Become a member

County governor of Rogaland. www.fylkesmannen.no/Rogaland
Forum for nature and outdoor recreation. www.fnf-nett.no
Friends of the Earth Norway. naturvernforbundet.no/rogaland
Klepp council. www.klepp.kommune.no
National Tourist Routes in Norway. www.nasjonaleturistveger.no
Norwegian institute for Nature Research. www.nina.no
Norwegian outdoor recreation association. www.norskfriluftsliv.no
Norwegian Trekking Association. www.dnt.no
Sola airport authority. avinor.no
Sola council. www.sola.kommune.no
Sola windsurfing club. www.sbf.no
Stavanger council. www.stavanger.kommune.no
Stavanger surfing club. www.facebook.com/stavangersurfklubb