We host a winter and summer kickoff each year for our members. We also host other smaller events. See below for details.

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Winter kickoff

Each year we arrange a winter kickoff at Haukeliseter. The club pays for members dinner on Saturday evening. We host a quiz and a kiting competition. It is a great way to start the winter and meet new kiters.

Summer kickoff

Each spring we arrange a summer kickoff on one of the beaches in Jæren. The day normally includes a race, hang time or freestyle competition and a photo competition. We typically end the day with drinks down town. It is a great way to start the water season and meet new kiters.

Beach volleyball

The last few years we have hosted beach volleyball during the winter. This is a great way to meet up with kiters during the long dark nights. It is free for paying members.

Other events

We often arrange other meet ups during the year. These have included, BBQs, drinks at Gnu, skill sessions, yoga, fitness and health training etc.