About Stavanger Kiteklubb


Stavanger Kiteklubb was established in 2004 and was officially registered as an organisation in 2008. Morten Gjerstad was the first leader of the club. Stavanger Kiteklubb has arranged several annual events; trips to Denmark in the summer season and to Haukeli in the winter, etc. The club hosted the Norwegian Championships in 2010. This was a major success with wind every day and perfect conditions for both wave and freestyle kiting.


Our goals are:

  • To promote a good social environment for kiters living in the Stavanger area.
  • To maintain and improve access to kiting spots in the Stavanger area as well as in the local mountains.
  • To promote safety and communication.
  • To be a voice for our members and the wider kiting community in discussions with local authorities.
  • To promote good communication and collaboration with other water and beach users.
  • To organise and promote kiting competitions.
  • We are, and shall remain, independent of any businesses.

Stavanger Kiteklubb members

Each year we have around 100 members. However, it is estimated that the Stavanger area may have around 300 active kiters. If you would like to become a member, please click here.


Each member pays a yearly fee. We also receive donations from Norsk Tipping.

We have an income of between 20,000 and 50,000 NOK per year.

This money is used to:


In return for membership fees, members get the following benefits:


Our events vary from year to year, but we normally run the following:

  • Snow kiting trip to Haukeliseter.
  • Summer kiting event in Jæren.
  • Summer social event in Stavanger.
  • Indoor beach volleyball in the winter.

We also have run (and hope to run in the future) multiple smaller events, including:

  • Photo competitions
  • Kite races
  • Yoga for kiters
  • Fitness for kiters
  • Technical and skills progression
  • Safety events
  • First aid training.
  • Beach clean-ups
  • BBQs

Safe access to kiting locations

We work with local authorities to maintain and improve safe and legal access to kiting locations.

We have guides for both summer and winter kiting locations.

We also promote regulations and safety warnings.

And we have advice for beginners.

Water markers, signs and flags

Following consultation with Avinor, Stavanger Kiteklubb has placed marker buoys / flags in the water at Solastrand to help kiters stay out of the restricted aircraft approach zone. We have also placed a sign at the entrance of the beach to inform kiters of the regulations.

After consulting with Stavanger Kommune, we have placed race buoys in Hafresfjord. These are used by local foil kiters for race training.

(Note that foil kiting racing is now an Olympic sport and will premier in Paris in 2024)

Stavanger Kiteklubb board

The board is a small group of enthusiastic volunteers that work together to organise, maintain and promote the club. The number of board members varies from around 5, to around 10 members. Members of the board are voted into their position by club members. This occurs at member meetings.

Roles of board members vary and are often customised to the specific interest and amount of time each member would like to contribute.

Roles and responsibilities include:

  • Communication with members.
  • Communication with public bodies such a kommune, environmental groups etc. Specifically with a goal of maintaining and improving access to kite spots.
  • Management and maintenance of website / membership system / Facebook Session Chat group.
  • Finances, bills, membership fees, financial reports etc.
  • Organise, document and plan all board and member meetings.
  • Negotiate and organise discounts with shops and services.
  • Purchase, maintain and distribute equipment to members.
  • Plan, manage and run events.
  • Install and maintain signs and water markers / flags.

If you are interested in working as a board member, please contact us on Facebook or by email.

We have a privacy policy

You can find it here.

Things we don’t do

There are some things that we don’t do:

  • We do not have employees. We are volunteers. No one on the board is paid for their work.
  • We do not offer beginner kite courses.
    • But you can find advice about courses here.
  • We do not have any commercial ties to any businesses.

Official registration

Here you can find our official information on Brønnøysundregistrene.

Contact us

You can contact us on Facebook or by email.