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Vind Nå is a great resource for live weather, weather forecasts and webcams in Norway. It collects data from lots
Yr is a must have free weather service provided by the Norwegian Meteorological Institute ( and the Norwegian Broadcasting Corporation (NRK).
Live weather readings along the Norwegian coast. This is a must have app. KystVær collects live data from the weather stations
Windguru is an advanced wind and wave forecasting service. There is a free service and a more detailed paid service.
Magicseaweed provides long range surf forecasts. It also includes wind forecasts. There is a free service and a more detailed
Windytv provides a unique and beautiful forecast. It is a great way to understand how the weather is changing over
Worldscope Webcams gives access to a large database of web cameras. You can save a library of favourites and even set
Live weather readings from all the road weather stations in Norway. This is a must have app. This app is
Live weather readings from all the inland weather stations in Norway. This is a must have app. This app is very
Windfinder is an advanced wind forcasting and live reporting service. It is really nice to load up a list of
A must have for kiting near RV7 on Hardangervidda. This service gathers live wind readings and web cam images from
Important info about Norwegian roads. In the mountains the roads often close due to bad weather. In addition, many of
All the detailed Kartverket maps of Norway. Sometimes Google Maps just does not cut it. This collection of maps includes
Detailed hiking maps from Den Norske Turistforening. These maps are the same as Norgeskart, but with the addition of all
Check for lightning before you ride the storm! This is a world wide service that reports live lightning strikes. If
Norwegian avalanche, flood and landslide hazard warnings, all in one place. Check the warnings and forecasts before you go to
Steepness map with observations of avalanche, flood, ice and landslide. This service contains a huge amount of data. The map