Regulations – Sola beach

The area at the end of the runway is regulated by the airport authorities. We are not allowed to kite in this “No kite zone”.

To help you avoid the zone, 3 flags and one ball buoy have been placed in the water on the boundary.

The 3 flags are 250, 350 and 550 meters from the shore.

Note that the 3rd flag is not at the end of the zone. It is only part way to the corner. 

The ball buoy is 1,400 meters from the shore and this ball does mark the north west boundary of the zone.

Look out for this sign at the entrance to the beach:

We are very fortunate to be able to kite so close to an international airport. In many other countries, the no fly zone around the airport can be as large as 10 miles!

Please set a good example. Please inform others that don’t know the rules.

Some things to note:

  • We are vulnerable – The airport have the power to ban us from the whole of Sola beach, so it is really important that everyone follows the rule.
  • We are visible – Your kite is 25 meters up in the air, so the guys at the airport can see it. They know if you are south of the markers.
  • We are watching – Riding south of the markers sends an incorrect message to other kiters that “the rule is not valid or not important”.
  • We need wind – If you are under-powered and struggling to stay north of the markers, rig a bigger kite, or come back on a day with more wind.